Growing up.

Growing up.

Things I thought about while watching NYMED:

If you give your mom a kidney, you will forever be the favorite child. Forget about ever being that again only daughter. The lady said her son gave her life. The other two are now irrelevant.

How do you tell someone you hate their baby?

I relate to this in such a deep level. I can spend my entire life in bed. Alone or with company as long as there is lots of sleep!!!
Fact: last man friend I had was really not into my hibernations. He’s gone.

I like healthy foods. Veggies and fruits are great and stuff. But guys, as I’m forcing down my last little salad full of veggies for dinner bite all I can think is “where are the cheese fries and a cookie already?!” And then realize, girl, that’s why you will never be thin. After that, I realize I’m ok with this because life without cheese fries and cookies is a life I can’t imagine is worth living. Plus, I’m pretty attractive anyway.

So, back in the day, if I didn’t like someone or if they wronged me (in my mind) I just cut them out like cancer. In my more mature years, I’ve been more tolerant and all about lots of chances. Tolerance of assholes is overrated and I highly recommend my old approach. It’s easier and when it’s all said and done the end result is the same.

I’m thinking I’m going back to that school of thought. Just letting you guys know.

I have been having an inordinate amount of dreams involving being front and center at Lady Gaga concerts. What does this mean?

“My mouth is purple, but my mind is clear.”
Me, after a bottle of wine.

I feel like we’ve all been with Sonja Morgan.

Just watched “The Normal Heart”. Now I’m watching “Conspiracy”…just loving myself one painful moment at a time or starting to think I may be a masochist.

Happy Monday.

😍 #nofilter #teachersummer #relaxing

😍 #nofilter #teachersummer #relaxing


When a girl knows she’s about to get the D

Vine by TiffanyHughes


LASIK boot camp is really hard, guys. #day5 #thankful4wine #filterfosho

LASIK boot camp is really hard, guys. #day5 #thankful4wine #filterfosho

Things I wish:

1. I had self control
2. I didn’t have my credit card memorized
3. Amazon didn’t have a 1-click purchase aka financial suicide button
4. I’d have had more ambition than being a teacher
5. That I was serious about #4…I mean I have the entire summer off
6. I was born an heiress
7. Money didn’t buy happiness
8. I hadn’t started this list
9. My only wish wasn’t to be in bed 87% if the time besides 1-8.